The Italian Job Tisch reservieren - Restaurant The Italian Job in Düsseldorf
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Roßstraße 39 Düsseldorf Nordrhein-Westfalen 40476
0211 41652710

Tisch reservieren - Restaurant The Italian Job in Düsseldorf


The Italian Job
Roßstraße 39
40476 Düsseldorf


Telefon: 0211 41652710


Montag: Geschlossen
Dienstag: 17:00–23:00 Uhr
Mittwoch: 17:00–23:00 Uhr
Donnerstag: 17:00–23:00 Uhr
Freitag: 17:00–23:00 Uhr
Samstag: 17:00–23:00 Uhr
Sonntag: 17:00–23:00 Uhr




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Gesamtbewertung: 5 (5)

Die letzten Bewertungen

Bewertung von Thomas S von Sonntag, 14.05.2017 um 18:46 Uhr

Bewertung: 4 (4)

Bewertung von forgepopoff von Samstag, 08.04.2017 um 00:04 Uhr

Bewertung: 5 (5)

Absoluter Geheimtipp! Egal o, zu Zweit, mit Familie oder mit Freunden. Das Essen ist spitze, die Weine ebenfalls. Unbedingt zu empfehlen. ******

Bewertung von forgepopoff von Sonntag, 12.03.2017 um 09:55 Uhr

Bewertung: 5 (5)

Tolle Küche, leckere Weine und schönes Ambiente. Geheimtipp, egal ob man mit der Familie, als Gruppe oder auch mit Mann/Frau/Freund/-in lecker essen gehen möchte. Topp *****!

Bewertung von Henning Herbst von Samstag, 25.02.2017 um 09:49 Uhr

Bewertung: 5 (5)

Sehr nettes italienisches Restaurant mit ganz toller Küche und super netter Bedienung. Als Vorspeise empfehle ich die Fleischspieße mit Knoblauch-Dipp. Großes Kino

Bewertung von Stefan Kirmse von Dienstag, 01.11.2016 um 21:12 Uhr

Bewertung: 4 (4)

Haben uber Foodora bestellt. Salat, Carpaccio, Nudeln waren sehr gut, besonders die Nudeln mit Feigen haben sehr gut geschmeckt. Bin gespannt wie unsere Erfahrung beim Vorort besuch sind.

Bewertung von Martin Wilke von Donnerstag, 01.09.2016 um 22:19 Uhr

Bewertung: 4 (4)

Leckeres Essen bei fairen Preisen

Bewertung von Winfried Radermacher von Mittwoch, 10.08.2016 um 23:48 Uhr

Bewertung: 3 (3)

Leider sehr schwankende Qualität

Bewertung von Michela Carletti von Montag, 18.07.2016 um 00:13 Uhr

Bewertung: 1 (1)

This was the MOST UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. I went to this restaurant tonight with my boyfriend, after receiving a Luups coupon book for my birthday and having been using it for 2 months now. Before deciding to try out this restaurant, we looked at reviews and were stuck by how everyone was complaining about the staff being incredibly rude and unfriendly. Since the food offer looked really good, we decided to go over the negative feedback and give a try to this restaurant. As it turned out, all the bad reviews were 100% right. The waitress is INCREDIBLY RUDE. She is the MOST UNPLEASANT person I have ever come across. As soon as we arrived, we noticed that she was totally unfriendly, and throughout the dinner she was void of any hospitality. But the worst happened when, after eating, we went inside to pay. She clearly saw we had the Luups coupon book, gave us a bad look and ignored it. When she gave us the bill, we showed her the book again and she said, with her usual super rude attitude, that coupons have to be shown before ordering and that she could not give us a discount. As I have already said, we have been using the book for 2 months and NOBODY has ever had a problem with us showing the coupon after ordering. But this is not the point. When we argued we didn't know about this policy and nobody had ever refused to get out vouchers, she said "if you don't have money, you should not go eat out". Now, this is what made us incredibly mad. She is the most horrible and disrespectful person I have ever had to deal with. When we pointed out how rude she had been throughout all the dinner and how HORRIBLE what she said was, she showed us the door laughing, and told us if we didn't leave, she would call the police. 2 other members of the staff or managers (I am not sure) were there during the whole thing and did not say a thing in our favor. I pointed out several times how unacceptable her behavior was and how all the bad reviews on fb make a lot of sense to me now, and all they said was "we don't care if we get another bad review". So if you want to avoid a really unpleasant experience and have to deal with this ridiculously rude,frustrated and greedy person, I strongly recommend you NEVER to come close to this hell of a restaurant. I will share this with Luups and with all the people I know in Düsseldorf and hope with all my heart this ridiculously greedy business will stop ruining people's nights out very soon.

Bewertung von ruediger kwade von Freitag, 01.07.2016 um 17:05 Uhr

Bewertung: 4 (4)

Bewertung von Heinz Günter Hirsch von Sonntag, 17.01.2016 um 18:06 Uhr

Bewertung: 5 (5)

Bewertung von Stefan Erichsen von Samstag, 15.02.2014 um 20:38 Uhr

Bewertung: 3 (3)

Essen gut mit Luft nach oben. Bedienung mit deutlich Luft nach oben. Lag vermutlich daran, dass wir einen city scheck Gutschein hatten.

Bewertung von Anna N. von Mittwoch, 29.01.2014 um 13:21 Uhr

Bewertung: 4 (4)

sehr freundlich, abwechslungsreich, gute küche...aber noch steigerungsfähig ;-)

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