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Ismaninger Straße 136 München Bayern 81675
089 94467300

Tisch reservieren - Restaurant Gobi in München


Ismaninger Straße 136
81675 München


Telefon: 089 94467300
Webseite: http://www.sushi-muenchen.de/




Barrierefrei: limited


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Bewertung von nitang jones von Samstag, 15.10.2016 um 15:02 Uhr

Bewertung: 1 (1)

I actually never ate at Gobi, however, this place was right beside an appointment I had with the Austrian Consulate. I had to use the toilette and I thought to stop in the Gobi. I approached a group of 3-4 people standing behind the bar, looking bored. Probably because absolutely nobody was there. I asked where the bathroom was and they told me "not for you". I thought they were joking, but apparently they were serious. They continued to tell me I was not welcome in their restaurant if I was not a customer. This was about 5+ months ago and I still think how they pierced me with their rude condescending words. If I could, I would actually give this place 0 stars but It won't let me post my comment without rating. So imagine that filled star is actually empty. Like the hearts of the people working at Gobi Sushi & BBQ

Bewertung von Leon D von Donnerstag, 03.03.2011 um 20:02 Uhr

Bewertung: 4 (4)

Gutes Chinesisches Essen ohne Glutamat mit Liebe von einem etwas älteren Chinesen live zubereitet

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